Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

Lleihau Allyriadau Carbon Diwydiannol

£9.2m Project with the ambition to revolutionise

Decarbonisation of Heavy Industry is a vital component of meeting Paris Agreement targets on CO2 reduction

EU and Welsh Government Funding

De-risking technology leading to decreased carbon emissions and sustainable regional industry

Top Brains out of Welsh Universities

Technology innovations from Swansea University and University of South Wales

What We Are Trying to Preserve

Changing our Industry to change our World

Converting industry from using hydrocarbon fuels for example petrol, methane and natural gas, to using hydrogen generated from wasted green electricity sources, is aimed at decreasing industrial emissions and lowering energy costs to create a competitive regional industry. Find out how clean hydrogen can replace hydrocarbon fuels.

What was waste becomes a resource

Heavy Industry is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions in Wales but converting these emissions into high value speciality chemicals and food products turns this waste into a major resource. Find out how your industry can be involved in the next industrial revolution.

Ground-breaking Technologies

The global challenge of reducing industrial carbon emissions serves to promote the development of new technologies on a large scale; however, the time to act is now and we cannot delay demonstrating the viability of these technologies. Discover the concept of the RICE demonstration sites as pathways to technology transition.

In the Press..


A £9.2m scheme to test and drive forward next-generation technologies to help reduce carbon emissions from Welsh industry has been announced...

University of S. Wales

A £9.2m EU-backed scheme to test and drive forward next generation technologies to help reduce carbon emissions from Welsh industry has been announced by Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths...

Welsh Government

The Reduced Industrial Carbon Emissions (RICE) initiative, led by the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University in partnership with University of South Wales, will draw on world-class expertise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions...

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